Cloud Services

Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Teams and much more)

In todays environment it’s great for companies or individuals to have emails, calendars, documents and much more, online and available anywhere, wherever.

If you are just starting a business or wants more from your emails and data, an Office 365 solution might save you thousands on an on-premises MS Windows Server.

With multiple customers already on our platform, we can help setting up everything for you and be your point of call for any issues.

Once set up, your company can start sharing calendars, accessing synchronised emails on any platform, sharing and accessing documents all from a secured cloud storage provided by Microsoft.

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Cloud backup

If you are looking for a cloud backup solution give us a call. We can provide different solutions tailored to your needs.

A cloud solution is great to make sure backup gets done through a software without human intervention, less errors or mistakes, giving owners peace of mind that the data is safely and securely stored away from the office, where a fire or theft could compromise an on-site solution.

Where a cloud backup solution is not possible, due to broadband constraints or simple not viable, we can still provide different solutions for on-site backup.

If interested, give us a call on 0179323550 or email us on